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Common Financial Planning Issues

While certainly not an exhaustive list, some of the issues for which Titanium Advisors can provide expert guidance include:


Saving for Retirement
Adequacy of savings rate and investment mix, projected retirement standard of living, target retirement date, etc.


Self-Employed and Business Ownership Issues and Opportunities
Increasing after-tax cash flow, maximizing deductions and retirement plan funding, hiring family members, etc.


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)
Conversion into Roth accounts, rollovers from retirement plans, required minimum distributions, avoiding early withdrawal penalties, etc.


Planning for Owners of Investment Real Estate
Deferral of taxable gains, depreciation recapture, passive loss limitations, etc.


Income Tax Minimization Techniques
Alternative minimum tax relief, tax efficient investing, tax loss harvesting, shifting income across time periods and among family members, etc.


Estate Planning
Wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, trusts, etc.


Managing an Inheritance or Trust
Income and gift tax issues, investment strategies, conflicts among beneficiaries, trustee liability, etc.


Insurance Needs Analysis
Life, health, disability, long-term care, property and liability coverages, limitations and alternatives, etc.


Investment and Asset Allocation Strategies
Diversification across international, small, and value asset classes, matching portfolio to investor’s risk tolerance and return needs, etc.


Post-Retirement Planning
Investment strategies, safe withdrawal rates and techniques, charitable giving, fear of running out of money, etc.


Paying For College
Financial aid, 529 plans, scholarships, student loans, and more…


Risk Management and Liability Planning
Assessment of exposure to personal liability or property loss, analysis of legal and insurance alternatives to avoid liability exposure and/or shield assets from adverse claims, etc.


Social Security Elections and Alternatives
Whether to claim benefits early, when to elect deferral of benefits, spousal claims, etc.


Planning for Children with Special Needs
Maximizing eligibility for government programs, use of special needs trusts, beneficiary designations on life insurance and estate planning documents, etc.


Planning for Life After Divorce
Alimony, property settlements, taxation, pension QDRO, life insurance modifications, estate planning revisions, etc.