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Welcome to Titanium Advisors

Titanium Advisors is an independent investment advisor registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Unlike most other financial advisors, Titanium Advisors accepts full fiduciary status under ERISA when working with 401(k) retirement plans and thus is legally required to provide unbiased advice which is free of hidden conflicts of interest.

Kevin L. Nulton, Esq., President of Titanium Advisors, as both an attorney and a Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢, is uniquely qualified to provide guidance and expertise with respect to the investment and ERISA compliance issues faced by employers sponsoring profit sharing and 401(k) retirement plans. Why is this important? Because in 2013, over 75% of all 401(k) retirement plans audited by the Department of Labor violated ERISA (the average assessment paid by employers was $600,000).

Our investment philosophy is based on Nobel Prize-winning academic approaches which steer clear of the hidden fees obscured by Wall Street marketing hype. By partnering with low cost providers such as Vanguard Retirement Plan Services, we help employers to:

  • Reduce costs and expenses charged to employers and plan participants;
  • Provide better and more diversified investment options;
  • Limit or eliminate liability exposure of employers for investment decisions under ERISA;
  • Maximize retirement plan contributions for business owners; and
  • Help employees reach their retirement goals.

Did you know that ERISA allows employers to transfer all liability for the selection and monitoring of their 401(k) plan investment menu to Titanium Advisors? Let us introduce ourselves and explain how you can benefit from our unique expertise.