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Too Good to Be True? Why Variable and Index Annuities are Poor Investments for Most People

Planning for Children With Special Needs

Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed

NAPFA Field Guide – Pursuit of a Financial Advisor


Books—Recommended Reading on Investing

The Investment Answer (Daniel C. Goldie & Gordon S. Murray)

The Investor’s Manifesto: Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon, and Everything in Between (William J. Bernstein & Jonathan Clements)

The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio (William J. Bernstein)

The Intelligent Asset Allocator: How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk (William J. Bernstein)


Regulatory Disclosures

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Financial Advisor Links Directory

Financial Advisor Links Directory


From Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)


Dimensional Origins (4:21)
Chairman and Co-CEO David Booth and others talk about the firm’s founding and its close ties to the academic community.

The Power of Markets (2:59)
How security prices are set—and change—based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers. Armed with this information, investors can be more confident about the power of the financial markets.

Applying Science to Investing (2:27)
How science has transformed every aspect of our lives, including investing.

Eugene Fama on Modern Finance (3:33)
Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama talks about the evolution of modern finance.

Nobel Thinkers: Investment Theory, Practice, and Implementation (26:10)
A documentary comparing the work and ideas of five recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics. A brief history of their theories and experiences culminates in a host of insights for today’s investors.

Tuning Out the Noise (2:13)                                                                                        At Dimensional, we believe that the right financial advisor plays a vital role in keeping investors focused on what really matters.